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Cornelius Strategies
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Exceed aspirations, dreams, and ultimate outcomes.


Providing the tools to help individuals and businesses define priorities, manage with intention, communicate effectively, and operate strategically.
About us

Cornelius Strategies

Passion and propensity for excellence in strategic planning lie at the heart of Cornelius Strategies. 

Our job is to help transform your dreams, ideas, and goals into meaningful, executable strategies.  We empower you to

  • Grow sustainably
  • Achieve strategic objectives
  • Identify your unique competitive edge
  • Maximize staff participation, enthusiasm, and morale
  • Uncover industry insights
  • Identify critical networks

We value every client for what makes them unique. Whether working with individuals looking to maximize their potential, corporations aiming for industry leadership, small businesses becoming scalable, non-profit organizations maximizing impact, or governmental entities looking to improve operations, we apply world-class analytics and proven strategic methodology to your unique situation.  We arm our clients with tools, knowledge and support to achieve their goals and maximize their profits.

Our culture is based on three fundamental values:

1) Economic Entrepreneurship
2) High Excellency
3) Holistic Empathy

We are committed to these core values.  They are the synergistic foundation for our professionalism, adding value to our clients, businesses, and community partners.


We're ready to share our advice and experience.

Cause & Effect Analysis

Balanced Scorecard

Strategic Planning

Goals and Objectives


Projects and Initiatives

Strategic Map

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Why Choose Us

Richard helps his clients transform ideas, dreams and goals into meaningful strategies.  He empowers them to achieve growth, maximize staff participation, maintain enthusiasm and morale, and tackle strategic objectives cohesively. His clients walk away with actionable roadmaps that help them communicate with stakeholders, identify and gain their unique competitive edge and stay embark on a path of sustainable growth.

High Excellency Economic Entrepreneurship

What started as a single product lease finance company back in 1985 with 5 staff members, 33 years down the line, emerged as the largest multi-product multi-segment Non-Banking Financial Institution in the country.

As one of the most respected financial brands the industry, Finance Limited holds a strong and diversified footing in Corporate

We build on excellent results and share global practices to ensure both quantifiable and perpetual success.  Our goal is to provide pure excellence in our interactions with clients, in our understanding of the business operations and working together to ensure quality conscientiousness both internal and external.  We strive for up-building of expertise and to keep up with the latest innovation, methodologies, and business excellence.  We value brilliancy in thought to formulate sound analysis and approaches.  Investing in our organizational learning and growth is critical to ensure world class outcomes for our clients and build long-lasting relationships.  We value open forum sharing of information and challenges in decision-making until the best data-based outcome successfully executed.

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Small Businesses Rising With Cornelius

It’s always a joy to hear that the work I do has been positively impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their great experience.

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